Goshena Book 2: “The Curious Always Find Trouble.”

Chuck Bright

“The Curious Always Find Trouble,” Book 2 in the Goshena series, finds recalcitrant Soul #24 stepping further into the depths of death. But it has not been an easy transition for #24. He still doesn’t know his own name. He has not traveled far enough to be out Goshena’s reach. He is still her prey. And although #24 has stated he accepts that he is “really, truly dead,” he has been deemed far too uncooperative, belligerent, obnoxious, stubborn, and way too pre-occupied with Goshena to move forward into the higher levels of death. So in the meantime, while he waits, he must meet with a social worker, Miss Ginger Garten, indefinitely, to free him from his social problems. In “The Curious Always Find Trouble,” Goshena interviews with De’Evil for her job as Queen of the Big In-Betweena. #24 ultimately learns the cause of his death, which creates such intense upheaval within him and sends such a shock wave through all the levels of death that he punctures a hole in the ether (the membrane between life and death) and disappears. At the close of “The Curious Always Find Trouble,” Goshena and her ex-husband Bryan, who was responsible for Goshena’s death in the late 17th century, are assigned the co-responsibility of locating, retrieving, and bringing #24 safely back to his death. The search and rescue of #24 takes place in Goshena Book 3: “Mindt Condishon.”